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Administrative Law

Proven Records

Private practice and in-house experience at two large GTA municipalities, combined with a Masters in Administrative Law, makes Olivio well-equipped to guide you through your administrative law process. From administrative hearings to preparing what is required by the specific administrative body you are dealing with (whether it’s written submissions or advocacy before tribunals, boards of all levels, or municipal bodies), Olivio has the knowledge and experience you want working for you.



Our Notary Services include:
- Notarization of documents for Canadian or foreign jurisdictions
- Notarizing authenticity of documents or signatures for local or foreign administrative purposes
- Affirm and/or Swear oaths for affidavit documents
- Travel Consents
- Letters of Invitation


Estate Law

From Wills and Codicils to Powers of Attorney for Property or Personal Care, Olivio combines a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the needs of daily interactions and experiences, He will provide you with the comfort that you have taken care of the future when it comes to your estate, or your care in the event that you can no longer care for yourself.


Other Services

- Corporate/Commercial: incorporations, partnership agreements, purchase agreements, commercial lease review and negotiations, etc.
- Employment Issues: review and negotiation of employment contracts
- Lending an Ear: No charge