Privacy Policy


At Olivio Fatigati, Barrister & Solicitor, Notary (“we”, “our”), we recognize the importance of privacy and of safeguarding personal information in our possession. This Privacy Policy sets out how the personal information of clients and potential clients (“you”, “your”) is collected, used, disclosed and protected.

We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing your personal information only to the extent needed to serve you better and manage operations. In providing legal services and operating our firm, personal information is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with applicable law[1] and consistent with professional obligations.  As a lawyer, Olivio Fatigati has a professional obligation to keep confidential all information received within a lawyer-client relationship.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is broadly defined under privacy legislation as any information about an identifiable individual.  Generally, it does not include business contact information such as your name, title, telephone/fax or e-mail.

What kind of Personal Information do we collect and use?

The types of personal information collected and used in relation to clients or potential clients depends on the information and services requested and, subject to applicable law, may include:

  • name, home address, home telephone number, personal cell number and e-mail. We also obtain a copy of a client’s driver’s license, passport, or other government identification to identify and/or verify client identity.
  • information relevant to your legal issue or matter, for example financial, property ownership, personal information about shareholders, directors, officers, employees, beneficiaries, family members, adverse parties and parties with parallel interests.

Our Accountability

We are responsible under applicable law for the personal information we hold.  We have implemented this Privacy Policy and will ensure that any staff is trained about our policies and practices.  Olivio Fatigati is the designated  Privacy Officer and oversees privacy matters for the office.

Purpose – why do we collect, use and disclose personal information?

We collect, use and disclose personal information for the main purpose of providing clients with legal advice and services, including:

  • to determine whether Olivio Fatigati can act for you, including to avoid conflicts of interest;
  • to fulfill legal and professional obligations;
  • to manage client relationships, maintain client (time and billing) databases, issue invoices, collect and process payments;
  • to offer and provide legal information and services;
  • to build and maintain the firm’s knowledge and expertise, including any document/knowledge management databases;
  • to share personal information with third parties when the legal services being provided to you require us to give your information to third parties (for example, in the context of business transactions or legal proceedings involving the exchange or disclosure of personal information, if we engage expert witnesses or retain another law firm or advisor on your behalf);
  • to develop and manage the firm’s business and operations and improve service, including disclosure of personal information to suppliers and other third parties, such as printers, data processing, software support and office services, outside professionals and consultants;
  • to detect and protect against error, negligence, breach of contract, fraud, theft and other illegal activity, and where necessary to meet insurance requirements;
  • to evaluate new and prospective employees;
  • as permitted by, and to comply with, applicable legal or regulatory requirements.



We collect, use and disclose your personal information with your consent or as permitted or required by law.  Your consent may be express or implied depending on the circumstances or the sensitivity of the information involved.  In most cases, your consent may be implied by the fact that you engage Olivio Fatigati to provide legal services to you, where the collection, use or disclosure relates to the performance of those services.

We assume that an individual has consented to the reasonable collection and use of personal information consistent with the purpose for which the information was given, when the individual voluntarily provides personal information to us.

We also assume that clients who retain Olivio Fatigati, or individuals involved in proceedings or matters opposite or adverse to our clients, consent to the reasonable collection, use and disclosure of their personal information by Olivio Fatigati for purposes of representation or provision of legal advice to our clients and the conduct of the transactions or proceedings involving our clients.

If you do not consent, please do not provide your personal information. You may refuse to consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, or you may withdraw your consent to the further collection, use and disclosure of information about you by contacting the Note that if you withdraw your consent, it may impact our ability to serve you and to maintain our relationship.

As a lawyer, Olivio Fatigati is subject to professional obligations and does not disclose personal information subject to solicitor-client privilege unless the privilege is lawfully waived or he is required by law to do so.   Do not send us any personal or other confidential information until we have confirmed to you in writing that Olivio Fatigati will represent or act for you or your company. Unsolicited e-mails from non-clients do not establish a lawyer-client relationship; they may not be privileged and may be disclosed.

Limited Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We collect personal information by fair and lawful means and, wherever possible, directly from the individual.  We limit the amount of personal information collected, used or disclosed to that necessary and appropriate to provide legal services, advice and representation and to operate our firm.

When using and disclosing personal information to third parties like printers, consultants, professionals and suppliers, we only disclose on a “need-to-know” basis.

We maintain records of the work performed and services provided in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and professional standards.  These records may include personal information.  Records are stored with safeguards against inappropriate or unauthorized access.  (see Security of Personal Information below)

Ensuring Accuracy of Your Personal Information

As we use your personal information to provide legal advice and services to you, it is important that the information we have about you is correct and current.  If during the course of our relationship any of your information changes, please let us know so that we can make any necessary changes in our client files.  We may, from time to time, contact you to confirm that your personal information in our records remains accurate and up-to-date.

Security of Personal Information

We protect the personal information in our files and records from loss, misuse and unauthorized access and modification by using physically secure premises, password protection, standard security practices and tools, and internal policies and practices.


Note that no transmission over the internet or by electronic mail can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, we cannot ensure that any information transmitted to us electronically will always be protected. You should be aware of this when contacting us to send personal or confidential information.

Web Site

As most websites do, we may monitor traffic patterns, site usage and related site information to optimize our web service. We do not use cookies or any electronic means to automatically collect personal information from you or your computer; however, we use web servers that will automatically collect Internet Service Provider address, date and time of your visit and the pages visited.  We may use this information to optimize our web service.

Accessing Your Personal Information

If you are a client, you may review any personal information we have on you in our files by contacting Olivio Fatigati directly.

If you are not a client, you may make a written request to the following address

Privacy Matter

Olivio Fatigati, Barrister & Solicitor, Notary

2-314 Main Street, Village of Schomberg

King Township, Ontario




Please include sufficient details in your request about the type of information you would like to see about yourself.  You will be contacted within 30 days of receipt of your written request.  You will only receive a response if you are making a request relating to your own personal information.  Access to such personal information will be provided, subject to exceptions (for example: information protected by solicitor-client privilege, information generated in the course of a formal dispute resolution process, etc.) stipulated or required by applicable law. Access to personal information about someone else will not be granted. 

Open Privacy Practices

The current version of our Privacy Policy is available in its entirety in our office, or by contacting or at

Questions, Concerns or Complaints about our Privacy Policy

We are happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have about this Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws.  For questions about compliance with this Privacy Policy, please contact Olivio Fatigati at the coordinates set out above for privacy matters.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new version on our website at